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Who Are We?

Qui Virtual Support Solutions is an exclusive member based community of professional virtual associates affectionately known as QuiVA’s. We are a supportive group of women and men with varying backgrounds that intersect with our personal ideas of freedom and a strong belief in the practice of self mastery. Our reputation of providing high quality support to overachieving entrepreneurs and business owners is what continues to help us evolve as a company. We pride ourselves on cultivating a diverse space with associates from America, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Africa. Every member of our community had to complete a rigorous pre-screening process to evaluate their knowledge, skills, personality type, written and oral communication style and leadership ability. We each invest in skill sharing and professional development to make sure that we are efficient in servicing our clients.

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From The CEO

Qui was created so that high achieving entrepreneurs like me would have a place where they could find affordable, quality, and qualified back office support.”

What's Our Story?

Qui was originally intended as a way for CEO TeQuila Cooper-Shabazz to feed herself while working as a Social Entrepreneur/Activist and to fund her purpose project that sprouted from decades long work in Black communities. She had a solid reputation in the communities she served, and was best known for producing and leading sound community projects based on consumer data and advocating for Black businesses. This set a strong foundation to kickstart Qui. After starting as a solo Virtual Assistant in December 2018, she brought in her daughter, Bernadette Levi as a subcontractor to help with a few client accounts that needed assistance with Social Media. With word spreading quickly about their professionalism and dynamic services, Shabazz expanded the mission, vision, purpose, plan and team. On July 5, 2019, Qui was registered as an official staffing agency for virtual associates and recruited 8 more contractors to join the company. The term QuiVA was born and became the official name for Qui contractors. All but two of that first cohort of QuiVA’s are still with the company and most serve in leadership roles in support of other QuiVA’s. In December 2020, Bernadette was named Partner and CXO of Qui, a major part of Qui’s legacy plan to build a multi-million dollar member based empire. In just 2 years, the company has grown into a multi-six figure company holding almost a million in annual client contracts and home to over 50 QuiVA’s from across the globe.


Our mission is to become the largest global provider of remote staffing solutions in the world, best known for offering lucrative opportunities to virtual associates and affordable skilled support to small businesses, while collectively working towards our personal ideas of freedom and success.


Qui is a community that thrives on opportunity, leadership, freedom and growth. We offer equitable contracts to remote workers based on talent, not age, race, gender or geography; and quality staffing support to businesses at fair prices determined by their needs and goals, not size or net revenue.


As a community we practice leadership and build legacy. Sharpen our talent to form a strong team. Honor integrity and be the example of personal and professional freedom for all.

What's Our Principles?

What we all have in common is our shared belief and practice of the L.I.F.T principles:

The Stamp You Leave Behind. 

Understanding that at anytime you can be in the front of or in the back of a situation, and in either position, you’re ready to contribute your best to the team

 The word is the beginning and the end. It defines everything. That’s Why We keep ours.

 The ability to live life abundantly on your terms. 

Aptitude and/or skill that is nurtured with increased knowledge and focus.

Togetherness is the necessary ingredient to win. 

From The CXO

“As one of our elite customers, the search for remote workers is daunting….but we have you covered! We’re here to help your business grow.”

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Tequila Cooper-Shabazz, CEO

"We Put Our Clients First."

     TeQuila Cooper-Shabazz studied Public Administration at Roosevelt University in her home town of Chicago, Illinois. She spent 15 years working professionally as a Sales and Administrative Executive for major corporations and organizations prior to venturing into entrepreneurship in 2012.

      Tequila's strong desire to help the community led to starting the member based social organization BRIJ, which was responsible for driving awareness of those doing the work to rebuild Black communities economically; promoting accountability amongst businesses, organizations and residents; and executing strategic action plans based on data collected from events, surveys and consumer spending. The BRIJ community gave birth to the successful BEBA group, First Friday Experiences, the creation of 30 short films under Give Black and 2 copies of The Neo-Green Book. It is through her work with BRIJ that she learned firsthand the unique experiences of Black businesses when trying to keep the doors open or scale. She'd assisted some of these businesses with developing, executing and managing operations and marketing strategies.

     Since BRIJ struggled to bring in a profit and survived primarily on donations and volunteerism, she decided to officially offer her services as a business to help support her community efforts. The demand of these services were the catalyst of going from a one woman team to a full fledged staffing agency supporting 6-8 figure, primarily Black women owned or managed small businesses and organizations.

bERNADETTE Levi, cxo

Our Strength is Our Community.

     Bernadette Levi is the Chief Experience Officer of Qui Support Solutions. She has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and handling client relationships.

      After receiving her B.A. in Media, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies from the University of Illinois, Bernadette worked as a digital marketer and creative producer for major companies including Jansport, Hooters, and the esteemed Latin School of Chicago. Since then, and a few products later, she works with the Qui team to implement effective growth strategies on digital fronts for both Qui and many of its existing clientele.

     Bernadette works closely with the CEO/Managing Director to ensure the client and community experience at Qui is always strides ahead of the expectation.


Our Team

Heather Aaron

Community Manager

QuiVA #10

I’m so proud to be part of this community of amazing people and I’m looking forward to all the ways that Qui will continue to grow and change in the future. In 2021, my plan is to put a greater focus on my daily habits and systems so I can conquer my goals.

Keniesha Trimble

Community Manager

QuiVA #12

My goal for 2021 is to grow in my role within Qui, reassess the direction of my personal business, and continue working toward a debt-free lifestyle. In my time in Qui, I have gained so much professionally by simply getting to know some of the most interesting people from all over the world.

Luzmary Claro

Membership Manager

QuiVA #8

I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to become the Membership Manager. I plan to work on my management skills to deliver excellence to my fellow QuiVAs. My main goal for 2021 is to fall back in love with myself, stay consistent with my goals, and stay true to myself.

Kimberly Sutton

Recruitment Manager

QuiVA #24

I look forward to the continued fine-tuning of the recruitment process. On My personal goal is to continue taking classes through both Qui’s Masterminds and online classes (last year I completed online courses in Lean Six Sigma and will continue to do so). I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish this year!

Lydia Rullow

Recruitment Assistant

QuiVA #20

While working with Qui I’ve been challenged and encouraged to do my best and be the best. In 2021, I want to see a shift from survival mode to actually having a plan and becoming more confident and empowered. I think Qui will be instrumental in this shift because I am surrounded by people who have similar goals and desires.

Corinne Kelley

Sales Manager

QuiVA #23

Qui allows me to do what I love which is to teach and help others tap into unknown talents. In 2021, I will prioritize self-care and launch my brand. A new world of possibility is available to me here at Qui. I am thankful to be able to give my best and help get the best from every QuiVA I support.

Jahmai Paul

Sales Assistant

QuiVA #21

Initially, before getting to know anyone or what Qui stood for, working with Qui meant a way to pay the bills. Now, after working with the Qui team for only a few months, it has been an honor to be working with such strong and purpose-driven individuals whom I know will continue to make their mark.

Lecretia Akines

Client Account Manager

QuiVA #14

I am humbled to be able to work with the Qui Team. It has given me a greater feeling of responsibility towards my fellow QuiVa’s and clients. My goals for 2021 are mainly focused on improving my leadership skills, administrative and Client Management skills. One impactful and personal goal is to represent in visible form my meaning of freedom. I anticipate 2021 will be about leaps of faith, trusting myself, confidence and growth!

Joe Mendoza

Tech Team Coordinator

QuiVA #22

Being a part of the Qui Team is what makes my life easier and gave me more FREEDOM. Qui also gave me more time with my family and friends. Within 2021, I want all technical processes to be seamless and easy to manage. I am also looking forward to having new tech team members.

Bernadette McDaniel

Bookkeeping Manager

QuiVA #30

Being part of Qui makes me feel motivated with growth opportunities, encouraged to develop myself, and appreciated for my great/hard work. I feel confident that at Qui I will be provided with the tools needed to broaden my role as a bookkeeper to meet the objectives of the business. This year I will grow my QuickBooks skills, get to know each of Qui’s clients and contractors, and take over the entire AP/AR responsibilities.


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