Empower Your Independence

We support Virtual Assistant businesses like yours!

Qui is more than an agency—it’s a community that values your skills, fosters professional and business growth, and provides the stability you seek in the ever-evolving landscape of Virtual Assistants.

Nurturing Your Independence and Professional Growth

Steady Earnings, Your Way

At Qui, we understand the importance of financial stability for independent workers like you. Access equitable pay opportunities tailored to your skills and preferences regardless of location, gender, or ethnicity.

Join a Thriving Community

Connect with a network of like-minded professionals who value independence and diversity in their work. Qui's community fosters collaboration, networking, and shared success. Be a part of a supportive community that understands and celebrates your unique journey.

Unlock Your Potential

Qui is more than an agency—it's your partner in business growth. We view our QuiVAs as business owners and professional. Elevate your skills for business growth and get expertly matched for short and long term contracts.

Flexibility in Your Work

Qui provides the flexibility you value, allowing you to work from home or anywhere in the world. Experience the freedom to choose when and how you work while enjoying the stability of consistent opportunities.

Continuous Skill Enhancement

Enhance your skills with our ongoing professional development masterminds. Qui is committed to helping you grow as a virtual assistant, providing training and resources to keep you at the top of your game.

Boost Your Business

Gain access to high paying contracts regardless of your location and with quality pre-screened clients. We manage contracts, negotiations, and payment so that you don’t have to.

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Support

As an Administrative Support QuiVA, you'll be at the forefront of business support, handling tasks from basic to advanced administrative functions. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring seamless business operations.

Client Management

Your expertise will shine as you conduct targeted sales, and handle incoming calls, texts, emails, web-chat, and social media direct messages. Be the professional touch that sets businesses apart through exceptional customer relations management.

Business Operations and Management

As a highly qualified QuiVA, take charge of projects, lead teams, and navigate the dynamics of online communities and company operations.

Marketing and Communications / Design and Tech

As a versatile QuiVA, you'll handle communication channels, CRM buildouts, design eye-catching visuals, and navigate the technical landscape seamlessly.

What QuiVAs Say

“Offers stable gigs with flexibility and autonomy, it's awesome to not have to find your own clients! The leadership makes an effort to create community events and foster connection within a remote team.”
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