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Qui is more than a member-based agency—it’s a community that values your skills, fosters professional and business growth, and provides the stability you seek in the ever-evolving Virtual Assistant landscape. Enjoy the freedom, equitable pay, and professional development that we offer in our diverse community of Virtual Assistant businesses.

Things You Should Know:

We have a 5-Step Recruitment Process to help us determine if we’re a good fit for you and your business. 

five step recruitment process


Where do I need to live to qualify to join the Qui team?
We are a 100% remote company partnering with independent workers around the world! Enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere while being part of a diverse and inclusive team.
Our QuiVAs are primarily BIPOC women from both the US and global communities. Our team spans across the United States, Jamaica, the Philippines, and many other countries.
Please Note: To ensure seamless communication, all QuiVAs are required to have a US-based phone number.
At Qui, we are committed to advancing equality in the Virtual Assistant workforce through our inclusive diversity and fair wages policy. We ensure that our opportunities promote equitable pay, regardless of your location.
Our pay rates are based on the specific opportunities and the level of skill required, ranging from $10/hour to $50/hour (entry-level to managerial).
At Qui, we are proud to be the only member-based staffing cooperative globally. Upon enrollment, a $30 monthly membership subscription is automatically deducted as an investment into your business. This fee is due whether or not you are assigned to a client. If you do not hold client contracts, you can cancel this membership at any time if you believe Qui is no longer a good fit for you.
Your membership fee covers:
  • Assessments
  • Pre-vetted job opportunities
  • Access to training resources
Additionally, there is an administrative fee of $20 per pay period ($40 per month) that is applicable only when you have a client contract. This fee helps to offset payroll administration costs and is a one-time deduction per pay period, regardless of the number of clients you have.