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This Assessment Will Help Us Assist You Better.

Whether you’re a one person team or have a blend of both contractors and employees, every pre-qualified prospective client is required to complete our assessment. Our goal during your hour long video assessment session with a certified Qui Business Consultant is to review your forms, evaluate your company’s current team set-up, order of operations, systems, communication and hiring practices. We’ll also fully examine what you’re looking for in your candidate(s) and gather general information regarding budget and availability. 

Once we’ve completed your assessment, Qui will provide a detailed written analysis to your team within 3-5 business days.  

Your Assessment Will Cover:

Mission and Purpose

We want to make sure that we understand who you are and where you're going. In order to place you with the right fit, it is important that this person aligns with more than just your immediate needs, but can assist and grow with your company.

Team Structure

It is important that we get a thorough understanding of your company's organizational structure and key players so that your new hire knows exactly where he/she fits into the team and culture. This also helps us to identify any holes that may not have been considered when thinking of your new hire.


Some of our clients have systems that they're not using or may not have any systems in place because they've worked alone. We want to get a thorough understanding of what you have, what you're missing and what you will need in order to effectively onboard your new hire.


Effective communication is critical in order to accomplish your goals, complete tasks effectively and retain top talent. Like your systems, we want to understand your company's current practices and where you may be able to improve when bringing on a new hire.

Candidate and Budget

We discuss in detail the position, the types of skills, expertise, availability and personality traits you think would work well with your team; and the allotted budget you have for your new hire.

Your analysis will include the following:


A detailed analysis between 5 - 10 pages outlining key takeaways in each covered area from our assessment session.


details include the best options, cost and timelines to get started with us and a 15 minute follow up phone call to address any questions or concerns you may have

Candidate Persona

is a personality profile that uses the information you provided and the skills you may have not considered, to clearly identify the type of person you'd be looking for to fill your role. We not only identify their skill set but very specifically their background, personality type, the estimated number of hours you'd need from someone with their efficiency level, and the salary range you can expect to pay.


are given based on your assessment details. Sometimes candidates may require a little bit more work before starting with us, or may not be the best fit for our company. Our goal is to give you clear next steps whether you're starting with us, or someone else.

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