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Here at Qui we have three types of private services to assist your business – Discovery Call, Consultation, or Strategy Session. Review the information below to understand which service is best for you.

Discovery Call

Investment: Free

What It Is...

A 15-minute call to help you decide the best service needed for your business right now.

Best For...

Businesses that know they need technical help including website development, system automation, and CRM implementation but aren't sure which service they need.

What It Is Not...

A solution for your current business struggles. This call serves to help you understand which service will solve your needs, not solve your needs alone.


Investment: $250

What It Is...

A 60-minute private meeting to examine your current procedures, systems, and software.

Best For...

Entrepreneurs that are confident in which systems or technical services they need in place.

What It Is Not...

A comprehensive or long-term recovery plan for your technical needs.

Strategy Session

Investment: Beginning at $750

What It Is...

A deep dive into the technical aspects of your business. We will audit current strategies, standard operating procedures, and systems to ensure their efficiency for optimal growth and business development.

Best For...

Businesses that are clear on the products or services they provide, understand their end goals and what they would like to see, but are unsure on how to accomplish these goals.

What It Is Not...

This assessment serves to provide you with a detailed, step-by-step plan to direct you in implementing systems, processes, and improvements.

so you can proceed that you understand why your business is struggling, what your technical needs are, and how to solve those technical needs. A strategy session does not actually create action that solves those needs immediately.

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