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Qui Virtual Support Solutions is an exclusive member based community of professional virtual associates affectionately known as QuiVA’s. We are a supportive group of women and men with varying backgrounds that intersect with our personal ideas of freedom and a strong belief in the practice of self mastery. Our reputation of providing high-quality support to overachieving entrepreneurs and business owners is what continues to help us evolve as a company. We pride ourselves on cultivating a diverse space with associates from America, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Africa. Every member of our community had to complete a rigorous pre-screening process to evaluate their knowledge, skills, personality type, written and oral communication style and leadership ability. We each invest in skill sharing and professional development to make sure that we are efficient in servicing our clients. 


Qui was originally intended as a way for CEO Tequila Cooper- Shabazz to feed herself while working as a Social Entrepreneur/Activist and to fund her purpose project that sprouted from decades long work in Black communities. She had a solid reputation in the communities she served, and was best known for producing and leading sound community projects based on consumer data and advocating for Black businesses. This set a strong foundation to kickstart Qui. After starting as a solo Virtual Assistant in December 2018, she brought in her daughter, Bernadette Levi as a subcontractor to help with a few client accounts that needed assistance with Social Media. 

With word spreading quickly about their professionalism and dynamic services, Shabazz expanded the mission, vision, purpose, plan and team. On July 5, 2019, Qui was registered as an official staffing agency for virtual associates and recruited 8 more contractors to join the company. The term QuiVA was born and became the official name for Qui contractors. All but two of that first cohort of QuiVA’s are still with the company and most serve in leadership roles in support of other QuiVA’s. In just 2 years, the company has grown into a multi-six figure company holding almost a million in annual client contracts and home to over 50 QuiVA’s from across the globe. 


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From the CEO

“Qui was created so that high achieving entrepreneurs like me would have a place where they could find an affordable, quality, and qualified back office support.” 

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To provide a space where talented virtual assistants of color are matched with high earning minority business owners to assist with back office support. Through this collaboration we achieve a mutual goal of freedom and financial security that can strengthen minority owned businesses, the global workforce and economy for marginalized communities typically blocked from opportunities that help build wealth. 


To become the largest global member based agency in the world providing quality remote hiring solutions to minority small business owners looking for skilled and pre-vetted virtual assistants. We believe in working with both our talent and clients to offer a space that fosters leadership, professional development and fair business practices that help advance an equitable workforce and economic growth for marginalized communities. 


To provide quality remote hiring solutions to minority business owners and offer equitable opportunities to virtual assistants of color; in turn, helping advance and strengthen leaders, the global workforce and economic growth for marginalized communities. 

L.I.F.T Principles

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