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The women and men that join our community complete our thorough pre-screening process from beginning to end. Some join because they’re not interested in procuring clients on their own; or are looking to supplement their income while building their own businesses; others are independent contractors seeking a community with a solid infrastructure, thriving network, resources and unlimited opportunities.


What we all have in common is our shared belief and practice of the L.I.F.T principles:

The Stamp You Leave Behind. 

Understanding that at anytime you can be in the front of or in the back of a situation, and in either position, you’re ready to contribute your best to the team

 The word is the beginning and the end. It defines everything. That’s Why We keep ours.

 The ability to live life abundantly on your terms. 

Aptitude and/or skill that is nurtured with increased knowledge and focus.

Togetherness is the necessary ingredient to win. 


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Your skills and ambition are valued with us. 

Our Process


Our team review your skills, attention to detail, personality, verbal and written communication.


Meet to determine whether we are a good match for each other.


You are invited to become a QuiVA.


Meet with our Managers and learn Qui best practices for successfully maneuvering and growing within our team.

Community Manager


Virtual Associate // Management

Heather Aaron

One of the hardest parts of being a VA is finding good, steady clients. As a QuiVA, I don’t have to worry because the clients Qui finds are quality clients who know how to work with a VA and pay good rates on time every month. I’ve worked with several clients already and have had all incredible experiences with them. And since Qui is a fast growing company, opportunities often arise to take on positions working directly for Qui. I recommend Qui whether you’re a new VA or a seasoned one. It’s a really positive and inspiring place to be!

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