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Navigating Business Decisions with a Simple Mantra: If It Doesn’t Sit Well, It Isn’t Right

Crafting a Personal Mantra for Well-Being

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to touch with what makes us feel genuinely good. Valencia Bey, CEO of BGV consulting, discovered that adopting a simple life mantra can revolutionize your sense of self and direction. “If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it,” a philosophy that has drastically transformed her approach to life’s challenges and opportunities.

From Overwhelm to Clarity: Recognizing Personal Limits

Just a year ago, Valencia’s life looked significantly different. Engulfed by the demands of over-volunteering and extending herself too thin—traits proudly carried from family traditions—she reached a tipping point. The realization hit hard: she was suffering from burnout. It became evident that Valencia needed to nurture her needs before she could effectively help others.

The Turning Point: Embracing Change for Personal Growth

It was during this time of profound unease that Valencia reevaluated her commitments. Previous endeavors left her confined, creatively stifled, and questioning the impact of my actions. Recognizing that her productivity and creativity were at an all-time low, she sought transformation.

She distanced herself from commitments that no longer served her and began exploring new avenues that sparked joy and excitement. This pivotal period led her to enter the world of filmmaking, a field she had always admired but never pursued.

Pursuing Passion: Venturing into New Creative Territories

With enthusiasm, she reached out to mentors who could guide her in this new journey. Determined to make her mark without cutting corners, she immersed myself in learning the ropes of film production. Valencia’s first major project was a short film addressing postpartum depression among black women, executed with an all-black crew. This fulfilled her creative urges and contributed to critical societal conversations.

Rekindled Joy and New Beginnings

This pathway of following her mantra, “If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it,” was not just about abandoning what drained her but was more about pursuing what genuinely fulfilled me—the joy of waking up each morning with a clear purpose starkly contrasted with her disillusionment.

Conclusion: Living by the Life Mantra Feel Good Guide

Today, she is in a much better place, professionally and personally, because of honoring this mantra. This approach has simplified her decision-making and amplified her overall happiness and satisfaction. For anyone transitioning from burnout to joy, remember to prioritize your well-being by embracing only what feels right in your spirit.

Remember, choosing paths that align with your joy and peace is entirely acceptable.

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