Kind Words about qui

Jeri Toliver

“Amazing company that delivers on their promises! My company is up 545% since hiring them. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Cheryl Woodson

I’ve been a physician, author, and speaker for decades. I’ve worked with many support companies. I can truly tell you, I’ve never felt my business was in better hands.”

Duane Wilson

Voiceovers by Duane Wilson

“This service has been instrumental in helping me increase my business visibility as well as add new skillsets to my team. I highly recommend this business for virtual support needs!

Malike Ayouba

Inductor of Healing

“They provided consistent and timely marketing strategies that produced the results we were looking for! Weekly meetings, emails and text messages kept the lines of communication open and made it easy to work with them. Always pleasant and professional. Great addition to our team!”

Cassiopeia Uhuru

The Black Mall

Qui Support Solutions has been a big asset to the re-launch of The Black Mall. Their services have been impeccable, my QuiVa went BEYOND my professional expectations. She has been timely, driven, quick thinking, and a joy to build with. The managers and skilled professionals really helped us to get back up and running using impeccable customer service. THANK YOU.”

Mark Gaskins

The Village Method

“In Short: Qui Virtual Support Solutions is the absolute truth! …Your services show that you love your clients and truly want to see us win! Well, we won the day we met you. 

Reactionary leadership is where I found myself as a nonprofit leader for 10 years. I personally manage all the operations from grant writing to marketing to vendor management and human resources, taxes, systems, etc. Juggling so many balls that some are bound to drop. The pandemic truly exposed that and both my wife and I were contemplating releasing the organization if for nothing else but our sanity. We just needed a little air to breathe and some space to rest long enough to see tomorrow. 

Qui Virtual Support Solutions, LLC made that happen for us! It was hard to consider investing money when our little nonprofit was taking on water…it was well worth the investment in Qui. Some folks are hustling and their services are just okay at best. They skimp on service but charge per second. It’s rare to find a jewel as precious as what we have found in QuiVas. With their support, we not only stayed open, but expanded our services to 6 additional schools, launched a virtual platform and we are on the path to recover what was lost in 2020.”

Trusted By Clients...


Our Principles?

At Qui, we use our L.I.F.T. principles to support our clients' needs.

The Stamp You Leave Behind. 

Understanding that at anytime you can be in the front of or in the back of a situation, and in either position, you’re ready to contribute your best to the team

 The word is the beginning and the end. It defines everything. That’s Why We keep ours.

 The ability to live life abundantly on your terms. 

Aptitude and/or skill that is nurtured with increased knowledge and focus.

Togetherness is the necessary ingredient to win. 

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